Trip to Munich

The 31st of May 2014 was a special day because it was the day that my family started our long vacation.  So that day, we prepared our luggages and got ready for the flight which would be heading to Munich at 11:10pm. Soon, we were ready so we left the house.20140531_190151 Trip to Munich20140531_190710_HDR Trip to Munich

We took taxi and got off at terminal 3 in Changi Airport.  After checking in, we went past the security officers and went into the immigration and went to the lounge in there. There, we relaxed and waited for 3 hours. I ate delicious food and slept for a while. My mom and dad also relaxed at a massage chair and did their own things. Afterwards we went to the boarding gate.20140531_212853 Trip to Munich

There, we waited for a few minutes and soon boarded the plane and headed to Munich.


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