Arriving Munich, Germany

Travelling period: June 2014, I was 9 years old

When we arrived in Munich, we went to the immigration.  When we saw the queue, I realized it was very long! But soon, we found a way to cut the queue. We did it by queuing up at multiple queues to find out which one was the fastest. Before we passed the immigration, the officer said some cool facts about my name. He told me that my name was a German name. After exiting the immigration, we then bought the tickets for the train. I realized it was quite cold while walking around the airport.

20140601_070850 Arriving Munich, Germany

But when we arrived there, we did not need to pay the tickets for no reason. By that, we were surprised but happy that we did not need to do anything.  The trip was actually 8 stations but the route was less than 8 stops.  So, we were surprised but did not mind with it.  When we arrived, we exited the train and transferred.  After we transferred, we entered the train and then, we stopped at Marienplatz. There we transferred to another train and alighted at Universitat. We walked to our hotel. The walk was long but we finally reached our hotel. Our hard work was worthwhile. The name of the hotel is Das Hotel Munchen. When I entered the hotel, the noise level was quite low and I had a good impression of this hotel since the atmosphere was nice. But, the lifts were quite small. That was why we had to take the stairs. At the reception, the receptionist told us that we could not check in yet, as we arrived quite early. So, we had had to put our luggages on a trolley. Another good thing I realized was that the staff were very friendly. And, the matter was easily handled since the luggage trolleys the staff provided us were big.


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