Celebrating my 9th Birthday

In the plane. The flight to Munich was around 12 hours. I felt so sleepy that I slept almost all the time. But I still played some games using the plane’s gadget and being a bit productive.

Then, during the dark night, I woke up and saw one of the stewards with a birthday cake.  I was quite curious on what was going on. So, I asked my mom why they were giving me a cake. She told me it was my birthday.

IMAG0372 Celebrating my 9th BirthdayIMAG0366 Celebrating my 9th Birthday

All of a sudden, I jumped for joy sleepily and thanked my mom for this remembrance of me.  Not only there was a cake, there were some presents, too. There was a teddy bear and a few packets of chocolate sweets too.IMAG0362 Celebrating my 9th Birthday

There one last thing I saw was a card. I opened it. And saw many names and good wishes for me.  I felt very thankful and happy. A few hours later, we arrived in Munich, Germany.

IMAG0374 Celebrating my 9th Birthday


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