Living Munich

Travelling period: June 2014, I was 9 years old

The next day, we woke up and ate breakfast at 7am. After that, we bought everything as we were going to Zell Am See. Dad went to fetch the car that we booked from a car rental company while we went to buy some water. We soon arrived at the grocery store. This time, we still bought the wrong type of water! We were ready so we checked out when daddy arrived. I realized that the model he rented was high tech and very cool. We then headed in our rented car towards Zell Am See, a small town in Austria.

Soon, we left the hotel and went to the highway called an Autobahn. The speed limit is 120 kph but there are some areas without speed limit and my Dad’s drove very fast. Our fastest speed was 186 kph. Faster than the speed limit. We drove faster than it because we could drive at any speed. Which was exciting to me. Before entering Austria we stopover in a gasoline station to buy a sticker toll. This is needed to drive in Austria.   After 46 km, we left the autobahn of Germany and entered Austria autobahn. I saw beautiful sceneries and saw the mountains.  It was a very nice thing to see.

_DSC0731 Living Munich

After a few kilometers, about 10km, we ate our lunch. We ate at a restaurant facing the beautiful scenery. They had a playground. So, I played there for a while. And, when I tasted the food, it was very nice. My mom also enjoyed it really much. Talking about the décor, it was awesome. I enjoyed my meal there. The design also had a Traditional Austrian look made of wood.

After eating lunch we continued our journey towards Zell Am See. But before we went there, we drove to Krimmler Wasserfälle. Along the way, we saw for the first time beautiful mountains with some of them still have some snow so we stopped to take some pictures. After a while we reached Krimmler Wasserfälle,  a wonderful waterfall. We needed to walk for around 3km  to reach the falls. It was very sunny and I felt amazed on this wonderful sight. Even though droplets of water splashed on me.


Once we were in, we continued our journey and soon we arrived at our Bed And Breakfast hotel called Feriengästehaus Glockenstuhl. The accommodation was nice and the surrounding of the hotel is very peaceful. In our room, we saw the beautiful Alps surrounding this small town. So we checked in and went in our room. It was clean and spacious but a bit old.

_DSC0787 Living Munich



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