Our First day in Munich

Travelling period: June 2014, I was 9 years old

We left our luggage bags at the reception and then went to a café to eat snacks at the café. The café was nearby and we ordered a few loaves of bread. I had chocolate doughnuts while Mom and Dad ate apple strudel. While eating there, an old man who was also eating there talked to us and told us about Munich and its history. We enthusiastically listened and thanked him after. We followed his suggestions to know more about the city.  First, we took a tram to the Alte Pinakothek Museum and we took pictures there. I also the realized they had high-tech trams and buses.

Alte Pinakothek Museum. After walking around the museum, we went to one of the tram stations called Karlplatz and took more pictures. After a few minutes, we were done. Oh, and I also played at a fountain near the station. It was lunch time so we decided to eat lunch there. The restaurant was at a small alley near Marienplatz. We ate Western food like chicken and some other delicious stuff. The food was very nice. The ambiance was very nice and the staff was very friendly. They were wearing normal waiter clothes.

After eating lunch, we went back to the hotel to check in. We brought our luggage bags to our room. But the room was still dirty. So, we asked the housekeeping to help us clean our room. The maids cleaned the room and after 30 minutes, it was ready. So we went in there and took a nap for few hours. When I woke up, I changed my clothes and we left our hotel and went back to the restaurant as I forgot and left my sunglasses there.  After the situation was solved, we went to Marienplatz.

While walking there, we took pictures at the few landmarks. One place we went to was Peterskirche. Soon, we arrived there. We took pictures at a Marienplatz City Hall. After we took the pictures there, we went to an old house called  and Justizpalast took pictures there too.

After that we watched a free concert near a fish market. It was actually a band. And their performance was quite cool. We then had dinner at a fish market. The surroundings were very noisy. And the food was very nice. That was why there was a lot of noise. Then we took pictures at the park. It was called Hofgarten. There was a lot of nature and it was very peaceful. We then walked back to our hotel and slept. It was very quiet and pitch black and I had my own bed beside a wall that had no wonderful view. I could not see anything.


2 thoughts on “Our First day in Munich

  1. Hello! It makes me happy that you’re having fun in Germany, because there is so much to look around in Germany. Did you know that there’s an annual Christmasmarket (known as “Weihnachtsmarkt” in German) in almost every region in Germany?? I’m very positive that there is one in Munich (=München), so you might want to visit! It’s to celebrate Christmas before Christmas Eve; it’s like a pre- Christmas festival. If you’re interested in it and don’t know what to do in Christmasmarket, come read an article in my blog. Although it’s in German, there are many visuals through which you can hopefully understand! 🙂 https://koreanischerazj.wordpress.com/2015/11/30/weihnachtsmarkte-in-deutschland/
    Viele Grüße, AZJ


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