Our Second Day in Munich

Travelling period: June 2014, I was 9 years old

The next day, we woke up even before the breakfast buffet opening. But, I felt thirsty. So, I asked dad to help me buy a bottle of water. When he came back, I drank the water and realized that it was carbonated water! I didn’t like it. We rested for a while then after a few minutes took a bath.  After we took a bath, we went to have breakfast. The breakfast had very few choices but we still had a wonderful time since there was wonderful music to entertain us. And also, the staff who worked there were very kind.

IMAG0383 Our Second Day in Munich

After we had our breakfast, we did a few touches to ourselves and then left the hotel and headed to a palace called Nyphemburg Palace. This palace is the summer residence of the rulers of Bavaria in the past. Before entering the palace, I played with some ducks and geese. After the tour around the palace, I fed the ducks and geese some food before leaving this wonderful scenery. I enjoyed my interactions with those ducks and geese. The palace had also a palace garden which was very beautiful. I played at the palace gardens a while before having a picnic. A garden picnic. We had a picnic there because we were very hungry. We then left the palace and headed back to our hotel to take a nap.

_DSC0640 Our Second Day in Munich _DSC0644 Our Second Day in Munich

After we took a nap, we changed clothes and left our hotel. We were going to a monument called Friedensengel to see the Angel of Peace. But it was raining so we could not go there. We just ate dinner ate at Viktualienmarkt, a daily market in the city centre of Munich. It was a very noisy place with many stalls selling different types of foods. I ate fish and chips and the dish was really tasty. I did not really know what my parents ate, we rushed eating because it was raining. But, still we all had a wonderful time. After we ate your dinner we went back to our hotel.


20140601_212035 Our Second Day in Munich

While walking i saw this unique mobile plant box.

20140601_211934 Our Second Day in Munich

Sports car parked in front of our hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel I watched few television shows and then slept.


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