Arriving in Zell Am See

Travelling period: June 2014, I was 9 years old

As the day started to get dark, I was surprised to learn it was already 8 o’clock. It was supposed to be night time already. We hurried as we wanted to have a lot of choices on where to eat.  Once we reached there, we checked-in and went to our room to rest for a while. We sat at the balcony for a while to enjoy the view. There were lots of flowers.

20140605_084549 Arriving in Zell Am See


_DSC0789 Arriving in Zell Am See

After resting, we brushed our teeth. While I was brushing, mommy and daddy realized that there were no shampoo and body soap. So after brushing our teeth, we went to our car and went around the town to find shops that were open. I also realized that the town was really small. We soon found a shop nearby that sells the things that we needed. We went into the shop and bought the things and then went to find a place to have a dinner. We found a place, McDonald’s. I was happy and I enjoyed my meal. The price was also cheaper than McDonald’s in Singapore. We ate and rested and enjoyed the surroundings. We also dropped by a grocery that was about to close to buy water again since we bought around 2 liters of carbonated water in Munich.


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