The next day in Zell Am See

Travelling period: June 2014, I was 9 years old

The next day, I woke up and took a bath before having breakfast. We went down and had breakfast. The hall where we had our breakfast was very small but with a wonderful view with Alps surrounding this small hotel and town. We enjoyed our breakfast and continued to talk about other stuff. My mother said that I could not play with my gadgets. The view was totally breathtaking at our seat! We saw the beautiful mountains beyond us and were happy when we realized the pitch blue sky. It seemed we saw nature in a front seat with its best! Mommy explained that using digital gadgets during meals was rather disrespectful. I also learnt that interacting with people is also by the book as eating etiquette.  While eating our good breakfast, the owner of the B&B talked about the places that are popular. And he also gave us a card that could allow us to get tickets for the cable car for free. After he told us about that, mommy asked why the owner did not tell us all about that when we checked in. We guessed that he was actually sleepy.


We went back to our room and did a few touches and left the room. We went to the information centre to get the tickets. It was only a few kilometers away. It was quite easy to find free parking. After getting the free tickets, we drove to somewhere to take cable car and went to higher land. The surrounding was very amazing and I saw the city below on a mountain with snow. I saw dogs, cows and many other animals. I was also surprised with the greenery around the hills that were part of this mountain. I felt very green as I walked around the mountain as it was like a nature wonderland. Everything was growing well within a glance and a proper look. There were also many cows and much more… Although few people were there, I guess the animals never felt lonely for some reason. At the mountains, we took pictures. We did not hike since we did not want to get tired. After few hours, we went back down to eat our lunch. They actually had a restaurant on the mountain but the hiking would take very long.

_DSC0846 The next day in Zell Am See

_DSC0876 The next day in Zell Am See

At the restaurant, the decor and surroundings were extremely nice. It also had a kid’s meal with free drinks. My mom and dad really enjoyed the food.  The surrounding was quite peaceful and I really enjoyed their scrumptious food. After we ate our lunch, we went to another cable car that went higher. I felt excited and I could see the whole neighborhood of Zell Am See and other wonderful sceneries…  We took another cable car which lead us even higher  to a peak called Kitzsteinhorn Glacier. But the cable car was open so I was a little bit scared.  At the peak, I rode sledges. It was my first experience and I enjoyed it really much. I really wished we could stay here for a little while more. After having great time, we left the mountains and played also at the playground there.

20140604_150005_DSC0895 The next day in Zell Am See

Our next activity was to ride a similar like a luge at Maisiflitzer Alpine Coaster. It was a super amazing activity. I tried it 3 times. I could see a lot of greenery with a wonderful view of everything. I had a whole lot of fun and I never felt tired for that period of time. I really enjoyed the rides. After my last ride, we went to the supermarket and went to ride a boat at Zell am See Lake. I felt quite relaxed and enjoyed the ride. The experience was fun and I saw many mountains. Daddy drove the boat for the first half of this heart-warming activity while I drove it in the other half. That was our last activity for the day and go back to the hotel.

_DSC0914 The next day in Zell Am See_DSC0924 The next day in Zell Am See


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