Our day in the Hohenwerfen Castle

Travelling period: June 2014, I was 9 years old

_DSC0943 Our day in the Hohenwerfen Castle

When we arrived at Hohenwerfen Castle, we went to the funicular to check the tickets and options. While studying the prices, mommy saw a cheaper way. It was by walking. When she saw that we all decided to try that way. The view was really nice and the castle looks really medieval. The castle was built between 1075 and 1078 to secure the Salzburg archbishopric against the forces of King Henry IV.

_DSC0956 Our day in the Hohenwerfen Castle

After 20 minutes of hike uphill, we finally reached the tower. There, we went to the cashier to pay the admission fee in the castle. While mommy was paying the cashier, she gave mommy a puzzle for me to solve. We went around as stated, I found two questions to answer. I answered them and continued our journey. Soon, I found another few questions and answered them. We went inside a military museum to see what kind of weapons they have used in the past. Once we were done, I saw two other answers to two other questions. I answered those last two questions and did a few activities. I felt quite excited and I hoped I got all the answers correct. We left the castle and instead of walking, we took the funicular. Once we reached the exit, I showed the card puzzle to the funicular controller. When she saw it, she gave me a reward.

_DSC0967 Our day in the Hohenwerfen Castle


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