Leaving Auckland

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

At around 7:00 am, we woke up and got ready to leave Auckland. We all felt sad since it is a great place.  We got dressed up and started packing and sending our luggage bags to our car as mommy went to the reception to check out.

I searched for our stop-over in the GPS navigator, a restaurant called Kaiaua Fisheries to try their Famous Fish and Chips. We were going to have our lunch there since according to the internet that it has tasty Fish and Chips.  That’s why they recommended it in the internet.  Once I’ve got it in the GPS, we started our journey along SH1, which in long form is State Highway One.

I thought this journey was going to be boring.  We saw a street sign coloured brown which meant that this highway exit would lead us to a landmark.  And the name stated on the sign is Auckland Botanical Gardens. It is still a landmark in Auckland. To get there, you must look for SH1 and look for a sign that says “south”. Next, you must drive along the highway, keep a look out for a brown sign which says “Auckland Botanical Gardens” and take that exit. Lastly, turn left at the first junction you see and look for the entrance.  We were very interested to go there since we knew it was popular for its greenery even though mommy did not check it in the internet._DSC5588 Leaving Auckland

We entered their Botanical Info Centre and checked their guide map and started exploring their garden. We did not explore the whole garden, but we still took extraordinary pictures and had some fun time there.  Oh, and before leaving, I fed cute, little ducks together with some kids. When we were back in the Info Centre, I paid the garden staff 60 cents for the three packets of duck food I used and caught up with my parents as we go back to our car.

_DSC5575 Leaving Auckland

As we continued our road tour, we passed rolling hills and saw fantastic sights to take pictures. And not only that, we took great pictures in this greenery trip. Once we reached our stop-over point, we went in and tried their fish and chips. They were delicious! I got very full easily and enjoyed my lunch really much.

DSC_0756 Leaving Auckland _DSC5618 Leaving Auckland

As we drove to our hotel called Tairua Shores Motel which I programmed in the GPS, we drove across windy roads and high mountains. Oh, before all of this, we took windy and absurd pictures since our hair was messed up. But still, our pictures were still cool.

When we finally, arrived in Tairua we headed to a small supermarket called Four Square near the town centre before checking in. As the room had backyard with a BBQ pit, we tried using it. But, since it was not working, we had to use the other cookery instead. Before ending the day after dinner, I watched TV and of course slept on my own bed.

DSC_0864 Leaving Tairua (Part 1)


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