Our Arrival in New Zealand

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

Once we arrived in New Zealand, actually in a city called Auckland, we walked to the baggage claim section to collect our luggages. After that, we had to go the border security section where we would be scanned for anything that is not allowed into their premises. Even though we passed their security successfully, we were just lucky.

While we were heading to our hotel, I slept. So, I did not know what happened during the ride. I only knew that there was a traffic jam. I knew from my parents.

Well, at the hotel, we were extremely tired. So, we rested for a while and looked for a place to have our dinner.auckland

As we walked across a busy street a man persuaded us to eat at his restaurant. We took no chances and tried his restaurant. Well, what a scrumptious meal we had.

_DSC5341 copy

Back at our hotel, I washed my face and got ready to sleep. Well, before that, I watched some television shows. And, while mommy was checking her bag, she saw 2 pieces of chocolate we brought from the airplane. When she told us the news, we were shocked and relieved that the scanner did not detect it.

Soon, it was time to sleep. So we said good night to each other.


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