Our Day in the North

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

The next day, I woke up in a bad mood because I wanted to continue sleeping. With that, the outcome became worse. So, I took no chances and followed mommy’s advice and apoligised to her. We then ate our breakfast. I went down to the reception and asked for a bowl. The hotel staff told me that they would send someone to give us a bowl. Eventually, no one came. So I ended up eating my cereals from a glass, not a bowl. After my weird breakfast, mommy walked first to the reception while we went after since we did the packing. When mommy got in the car, she told us where we would be going for the day as daddy drove his rented car. She said we were heading to a small town called Matakana. But when we arrived there, we arrived much, much earlier than expected. So, we went to a winery which mommy planned to go while we were on the road. We went there and took pictures of the dead or dying trees. I was astonished by this deceiving autumn like sight. I actually thought it was summer, I asked my dad why it is autumn in New Zealand while Summer in Singapore or Spring in Europe. Daddy replied that it is starting to be winter in New Zealand since the seasons in those countries in South are opposite than the countries in the North.

_DSC5478 Our Day in the North _DSC5480 Our Day in the North _DSC5482 Our Day in the North _DSC5490 Our Day in the North _DSC5509 Our Day in the North _DSC5515 Our Day in the North

When we arrived back in Matakana, we ate lunch at a cafe called Black Dog Cafe. There, I ate their pesto pasta. And, it was delicious. After finishing our meal, we left soon. We then headed to their info centre to take some tour guides. We headed to a small town’s beach called Ohama Beach. Our Global Positioning System (GPS) app called Sygic was at a loss, it should be bringing us to a the town centre but it didn’t. So, we had to search for a carpark near the beach manually.  Soon, the efforts paid off. We parked our car at a free parking space at the car park. We headed to then beach.

Our Day in the North

At the beach, we saw the calm tides rush into the beach as we took extraordinary pictures beside this wonderful sight. We just enjoyed our moments there and then left the beach. We had to leave this great place as the drive was long to our hotel. We passed while driving, a mini golf a cafe name The Puncher Cafe. The first thing I planned to do was to play golf. I had a really great time since I like this sport a lot. Even though I am not good in it. That was why I got a very low score. But, like I said, it was fun.

_DSC5525 Our Day in the North _DSC5534 Our Day in the North _DSC5540 Our Day in the North _DSC5549 Our Day in the North
_DSC5558 Our Day in the North

Before we headed back to the hotel, we went to a town called Milford to buy some foods for our dinner. So, we headed to a store called Countdown. There, we looked for a parking space to park. Soon, we found and looked for the main entrance. We realised that the store was inside the mall. So we went in and bought our dinner.

After shopping we headed back to our car to search for a park to have dinner. We failed at first since the park we found had tennis courts only. We never gave up and found an appropriate one nearby to have our scenic and light dinner.

It was time to go back to the hotel. We threw our leftovers and daddy drove our car back to our hotel. I watched television before doing cleaning up my body and ending our last day in Auckland.


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