Our First Day in Auckland

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

The next day, we all woke up happily and got off with good start. And that was my birthday. But I forgot to tell my parents. So, a tragic incident happened later on.

For breakfast, we went to a La Cigale farmer’s market where we met daddy’s friend. I would also meet his son Xavier and his daughter Xandra. _DSC5342 Our First Day in AucklandWhile finishing my breakfast they arrived. So, we greeted each other and I continued eating. But for my parents, they weren’t so lucky . Since they already ate breakfast, my parents only had a very light breakfast.

As we continued my journey we headed to Matua Winery where my parents tasted wine and took wonderful pictures by the hill and experienced the greenery of this country.

_DSC5351 Our First Day in Auckland _DSC5353 Our First Day in Auckland

They then guided us to Muriwai Beach for sightseeing. We explored an unpaved path which led us to wonderful view of the beach. While walking back, I pretended to be a soldier and imagined I was protecting the country.

_DSC5364 Our First Day in Auckland _DSC5377 Our First Day in Auckland

Back at the carpark, we ate lunch and went to a port called Devonport. It was famous for for its bunkers and artillery weapons. It also made history by protecting New Zealand from Japanese Naval Units. We took pictures there as I played with their artillery pieces and explored the port.

_DSC5387 Our First Day in Auckland _DSC5388 Our First Day in Auckland _DSC5392 Our First Day in Auckland

It was getting dark soon. So, we left the port and drove to a grocery story. That was where something happened.

At our parking space, I hit the trolley bar and damaged their car door. So, I said sorry to dad’s friend. But, mommy took precautions very seriously. She had a serious talk with me and made me sad since it was my birthday. I cried in the car later that got mommy really angry.  So, I explained there reason to her and she regretted.

Before going back to our hotel, we went to my dad’s friend’s house. We went in and played with Xavier’s toys.

After dinner we went back to our hotel by car and wash our faces. And before sleeping, mommy said sorry to me on what happened and slept.


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