Our Trip to New Zealand

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

It was unique and sad day today. We were going to to New Zealand for our June holiday vacation. When I asked mommy on our schedule, she told me that our flight is at 8:50pm. We are going to land and transfer to Brisbane, Australia. We then will continue our journey to New Zealand. She also told me that we’re taking a different plane but the same airline. The name of the airline is Qantas Airways.

alberts and friends

As I told you in the start, I said it was also a sad day since there were a few problems. One of them is that I will miss my friends who play downstairs. But , I can’t stop or travel back in time. So we left the house at 6 p.m. and headed to Changi Airport. There, we checked-in at the Qantas Airways check-in counter and went to a lounge called SATS Premier Lounge. We had our dinner and played my digital gadget after that.


We then walked into the boarding gate as the airport officials checked our bags, luggages and bodies. But, before we could board the plane, a Singapore official told me I had a pair scissors in my bag. I surrendered it to him and boarded the plane. We left Changi Airport around the boarding time.

In the airplane, I could not peek at the window every now and then since we were given seats in the middle. So, I only played games and watched televisions shows provided in their airplane televisions placed in front of us.

At Brisbane, we alighted and headed to their international transfer section to be scanned again. We left this area and headed into their airport officials.


There, we went to the boarding gate and wanted to sleep.  But, since we felt hungry. So, we ate at the popular fast food restaurant called Subway and slept. Before the boarding time, we went first to the restrooms to do our business before we boarded the plane. To me, this plane is more comfortable since we sat at the window seats. I like these type of seats since we can see the wonderful sky.

Soon, we arrived at the Auckland International Airport.


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