The Rainy Day

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

The next day, we woke on a cloudy day. We took a bath and decided to have our breakfast at  La Cigale farmer’s market, the same place we ate yesterday. But this time, we ate lots of food since we wanted to explore their foods.

_DSC5420 The Rainy Day
The Rainy Day
_DSC5409 The Rainy Day
_DSC5403 The Rainy Day

After our delicious and heavy breakfast, we walked back to our hotel to get our rented car. But it started to rain as we left the market. We hoped the rain would not get out of control, But, we were very unlucky. Well, we had no choice but to find shelter at a tavern not far from where we stopped.

After awhile, the rain got weaker. So, we continued our journey on a way which daddy planned. But, we were blocked by a small flood which took place in our route. So, we had to take a detour which was longer.

Despite the long journey, we eventually came back, safe and sound. Since my dad’s friend were there already, daddy just freshened up and changed his pants because it was wet from of the rain. Then he went with his friend to the car collection building.

While doing that, I played with Xavier and Xandra for some time.

When daddy finally came, I asked where we were going for the day. He said we were going to the wharf to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.

When we arrived at the wharf, I saw a carnival nearby. There was a soccer cage to play soccer. So, I told my parents that I would play soccer there later. As the fun began, I watched a medieval match between vicious knights and we the played entertaining board games with other Kiwis. We ate lunch a few hours later.

The Rainy Day 2

Once I finished my lunch, I continued my fun and soon, then rain had stopped. So, I asked daddy to send me to the soccer cage.

After my fabulous game, I went with my parents to a small building to do some soccer activities. I got a certificate after scoring 100 in shooting activity and a high score for a goal keeping challenge.

_DSC5455 The Rainy Day _DSC5459 The Rainy Day

After our great day, we drove to the busy Parnell Street to get my birthday celebration started. We parked near our dining place and in the restaurant, we ate good food and enjoyed the rest of our dinner.

_DSC5467 the rainy day

By late night, we said goodbye to my dad’s friend’s family since we won’t see them tomorrow and for a long time to come.

By that sad bombshell we went back to the hotel and slept.


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