Our Fist day in Tairua

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

As a new day began, I woke up and saw mommy cooking breakfast. I was surprised since I thought they were still asleep. So, I just laid down on their king sized bed and waited until breakfast was ready.

Just after I finished my special breakfast, mommy had finished taking a bath. So, I took a bath and headed to the reception with my mom.  The owner told us the hot sports to visit for the day. He told us that there were high tides at the beach called Hot Water Beach which mommy planned to go first. But with that bombshell, we had to go to a landmark called Cathedral Cove. But we were a bit worried since Cathedral Cove is several kilometers away from the nearest carpark.

Despite that, we decided to see it still. And before we left, he gave us spades and beach towels. The spades were used for digging holes to fit our bodies into the hot water in the Hot Water Beach.

Once daddy was ready, we drove towards Cathedral Cove. But that day was going to be adventurous. As we drove towards our destination, I saw a sign that pointed to Cathedral Cove. But I kept quiet instead of telling daddy to turn right. We passed the junction and went straight. At another junction, we turned right and just drove straight. But, when the GPS told us we arrived at our destination, we just saw cows and sheeps. Mommy and daddy were dumbfounded and did not know what to do. So, I admitted that I saw the sign. Mommy was astonished and asked me to direct daddy how to get there.

_DSC5659 Our Fist day in Tairua

When we finally arrived in the carpark, we checked how long is the walk to Cathedral Cove. Well, it was 45 minutes (one-way). We decided to take up the challenge. As we walked along the path, we took wonderful sea view pictures, walked across forests and plain ground and went uphill and downhill. After all the walking, we eventually reached Cathedral Cove. We rewarded ourselves for not giving by taking pictures that were as good as gold.

_DSC5673 Our Fist day in Tairua

_DSC5688 Our Fist day in Tairua

When we got back to our car, we drove to a town called “Hahai” nearby Cathedral Cove. When we got there, we browsed all their cafes and restaurants but only found one good place to eat near Hot Water Beach.

After our scrumptious lunch, we had a short drive to the carpark near the cafe and I changed into my swimwear over there. But, my parents were wearing normal clothes, so as we walked towards the beach, we did not know we had to climb up some rocks to avoid soaking ourselves. In the end, we failed taking the challenge and didn’t want to suffer hypothermia.

When we got back into our car after the failure, mommy realized something. She remembered that the owner told us not to go where the other people go. And she saw many cars in this carpark and concluded that we were at the wrong carpark. We told daddy about that and he tried looking for it in the town. But we ended up in a holiday camp.

After the weird detour, we saw the carpark after 10 minutes of searching. We parked our car at an available parking space and walked barefooted on the grass as I hoped here would be no obstacles. And, my wish came true! But, when we arrived at the hot water spot, there was no hot water at all! We asked a man who was there. And he said that the tide was already high so there won’t be any hot water. We were shocked and realized our efforts were worthless.
_DSC5719 Our Fist day in Tairua

When we got into our car, mommy told us that we were going back to the hotel since we were already wet.

At the hotel, daddy parked his car properly as I took a bath before returning the spades and beach towels to the owner. When the owner asked us how’s our day was, I admitted everything to him as he explained to me what we should have done. By the time I came back dinner, was ready.

After dinner I did what I did yesterday and slept.


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