The second day in Tairua

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

The next day, I woke up and realized my parents were still asleep. So, I woke them up and we all enjoyed the sunrise while they cooked breakfast.

After my breakfast and shower, I asked mommy what we were going to do for the day. She said we were going to go to Coromandel Town to ride a popular train adventure. It is called Railway Creek and Potteries. Here is a little history of this railway. It was built for 15 years from 1975 to 1990! And most of the materials used were raw such as terracotta. And the owner Barry, loved nature. He restored a forest destroyed after volcanic eruption to make the ride.

As we drove towards Coromandel, mommy suggested we should stop over a town to have some snacks. When we got there, it was nearing lunch time. But since we were already there, we just ate snacks and took normal pictures with a group of leafless trees._DSC5732 The second day in Tairua

After encountering curvy roads we finally arrived at Coromandel. After parking our car, we went to the info centre to know more about this town. The tour guide recommended us to visit Stuart and Pigs which was located along a road called the 309 Road. I was quite excited because I like animals. Especially pigs. But we had to finish our main activity first. Oh, and before visiting the pigs, mommy also wanted to visit a Mussel Kitchen.

After my Italian lunch of pizza, we drove to the Railway Creek and Potteries to buy our tickets early. When it was time to leave, we entered the train allocated to us and reserved suitable seats.

During the train ride, we took and abundance of awesome pictures as we rode by spectacular views. To climb up, the train had to make several reverses. Instead of putting there gear reverse, the conductor goes to the other end of the train which is at the other side. To me, that action was quite tiring.

At the highest point of the railway, we finished the journey halfway and got up a tower called Eyefull Tower. Sounds like Eiffel Tower. As we took pictures of Coromandel, the train conductor told us some history about this place and recommended books to buy to know more about this railway. After 10 minutes, we continued our journey down.
_DSC5754 The second day in Tairua

Back at the station, we alighted from the train and got back to our car. We then headed to mommy’s Mussel Kitchen along 309 Road. When we got there, it was closed. So we headed to my activity venue. Well, we had no clue where it was. It was raining and getting dark. The 309 road is unpaved, windy, one-way road with no signs. After driving for a kilometre, daddy decided to drive back to the main road. We had no choice but to go back to the hotel after mommy bought food for dinner. But even though we only had one journey for the day, I got dizzy.

Five kilometres before Tairua, I vomited. Mommy was shocked and forced daddy to stop the car. I was dumbfounded as mommy cleared the mess. She asked me why I vomited and I just replied inappropriate reasons. As daddy got back on the road, mommy told daddy to stop at a shop to buy some cleaning stuff.

We eventually arrived at the hotel without anymore historic events. And as I took a bath, I felt quite ashamed about what just happened. At least I forgot about that the next day.


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