Leaving Tairua

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

We got ready to leave Tairua. Daddy and I packed our luggage bags  as mommy cooked breakfast. It also rained which happened before we left, we saw a full rainbow from end to end. Mommy took some colorful picture of it.DSC_0797 Leaving Tairua (Part 1) DSC_0801 Leaving Tairua (Part 1) After breakfast and shower, I went to the reception with my mommy to return the key and bid farewell to the owner. While there, the owner recommended for us to go to a viewing point on top of a mountain to see the wonderful view of beaches and some towns. But, we decided not to go there. We started our journey to a town called Matamata. This town is bigger than Tairua. We were going to have a stop over there. The town is popular because most of the scenes of The Hobbit series was filmed there. As we drove towards Matamata, we stopped at a few scenic lookouts. There was one lookout that mommy and daddy took pictures without me. I tried attracting a herd of cows and they started coming towards me. I got excited and told mommy about it. Mommy also got excited and got the camera  snapped a picture of me and said sadly that we had to go back to the car. But I stilled enjoyed the encounter. We continued driving towards Matamata. _DSC5816 Leaving Tairua (Part 1)

When we finally arrived at the town centre of Matamata, I noticed that this town was the busiest town I’ve ever seen in this trip. We looked for their town info centre.


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