Leaving Matamata

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

It was rainy, gloomy and cold when I woke up this morning. Mommy was sad because she wanted to go back near the Hobbiton area to take a morning picture. She wanted to take photography with a mob of grazing sheeps. Yesterday after the Hobbiton tour, we noticed lesser sheeps because they were already done grazing.

While eating our breakfast, we watched the garden and saw beautiful white birds. We didn’t know what kind of bird they were but daddy guessed they were turtle doves.

_DSC6035 Leaving Matamata

After doing my our routines, I asked permission from Mommy if I could play at the playground since it was just drizzling. I wore my jacket and hood and went out. When they were ready, my mom called me and I came back. Before leaving the playground, I tried feeding the turtle doves. But the birds just ignored me so I left them alone. We checked out from the hotel and today, we’re heading to our next stop, Taupo._DSC6036 Leaving Matamata

Even though we passed by extraordinary sights, we couldn’t stop because it was raining. We had a bad feeling about our day._DSC6039 Leaving Matamata

Despite that, when we arrived at Taupo, it was actually not raining there. We were surprised and amazed because it was not raining at all. It was cloudy, and we hoped that the weather would stay like that for the rest of the day.

DSC_1039 Leaving Matamata

Our room was at ground level and had an exit facing Lake Taupo. This lake is the largest lake in New Zealand. The lake also sits in a volcano. When we arrived in our room, I noticed immediately the ducks and swans just outside our room. So I asked my mom if we had spare bread so I could feed them.

We had leftover bread so I started feeding the ducks. Later, swans and seagulls joined in too. After feeding the birds, my mom asked me to eat my late lunch too. Our lunch was packed lunch that my mom cooked from our previous inn. We all felt tired and decided to take a nap._DSC6068 Leaving Matamata _DSC6065 Leaving Matamata _DSC6053 Leaving Matamata


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