Our First Day Around Taupo (Part 1)

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

As we woke up at 7.00 a.m. that day, we realized that it had rained heavily while we were sleeping. While eating our breakfast, I could “hear” the wind blowing outside our room. I opened the curtain of our room and to my surprise, I saw the ducks just in front of our door, like waiting for me to feed them!

_DSC6047 Leaving MatamataDSC_0951 Our First Day Around Taupo (Part 1)

Right after breakfast, I wore my jacket and fed the ducks, swans, and sea gulls. Then I went back in our room to do my routines before leaving for our day’s adventure. Today’s itinerary, we would be heading towards Mt. Ruapehu. This volcano is an active one and it’s last eruption was in 1977. Not a long time ago.

As we began our exciting trip, we drove by Lake Taupo and had a few stops at some lookouts. When we arrived at Turangi, I thought we have already reached our destination and our journey was all over. But we had to continue to drive for another 37 km more to a town called Whakapapa.

_DSC6081 Our First Day Around Taupo (Part 1)

While we were on our way, the clouds were getting thicker and darker. Mommy started having doubts if we should still continue our journey. Since it was winter season, she was afraid snow might fall. Daddy did not rent snow chains so we couldn’t drive our car on snow.

_DSC6115 Our First Day Around Taupo (Part 1)

When we arrived at Whakapapa, the temperature was around 0 degree C. It was drizzling and Mt. Raupehu was partly covered with clouds. We visited the i-site to let the cloud pass by for awhile and also see some interesting facts about the place. When we were done, it was still cloudy and we couldn’t take wonderful pictures. We couldn’t drive up further because we needed snow chains. So, we just headed back to Turangi to have lunch.


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