Our First Day Around Taupo (Part 2)

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

We had late lunch at a cafe named Cadillac Cafe. The cafe’s design was a old, which my mom said “retro”. While waiting for our food orders, I browsed through their board games. Daddy and I played Snakes and Ladders. While we were playing, mommy was reading, writing, checking and replanning our schedule for today. Just nice after our game ended, our lunch was served. I had Fish and Chips, while my dad had something with meat, chips, and  sauce for dipping, and my mom had a pie. My mom had tried many types of pies and carrot cake during this trip. I think she’s thinking of trying to mimic these food when we go back to Singapore. She always does that! After the great lunch, we headed back towards Taupo.

DSC_0978 Our First Day Around Taupo (Part 1) DSC_0976 Our First Day Around Taupo (Part 1)

At 2.45 pm, we arrived at our destination, Hukka Falls. We got ready for our walk. Oh, during our drive, we passed by an attraction called Craters of the Moon. And we decided to check it out later. We actually realised the walk was only 15 minutes if we parked at the second car park while from where we parked our car, it took us 25 minutes.

We walked on a muddy path, and arrived at our first viewing port which was far from the falls so Daddy could have a good shot. Then we continued walking. We saw a bridge that we could cross  to see the falls from other side of the river. We continued walking and arrived at another viewing point at the other side of the falls. We were very near to the falls and took fabulous pictures even though we had to squeeze. Then we trekked back to our car.

_DSC6129 Our First Day Around Taupo (Part 2) _DSC6141 Our First Day Around Taupo (Part 2) _DSC6153 Our First Day Around Taupo (Part 2)

When we arrived at our car, we drove to our next attraction, Craters of the Moon. But, when we arrived at the venue, the receptionist told us that they were closing soon. So we had to leave and end our day by buying cooked food at the supermarket. We ate our dinner at the hotel.


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