Exploring Lilliput Farm

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

Before we headed to Napier, we went to an animal farm in Taupo called Lilliput Farm. It was still closed when we arrived there, so we just parked our car in front and waited for a few munites. At exactly 10.00 a.m. the owner opened the gates into their farm._DSC6378 Exploring Lilliput Farm

When we entered the farmhouse, we were given a warm welcome by the owner. As mommy paid the fee to explore this farm, I played with a baby pig and fed it some milk. Pigs are one of my favorite animals.

_DSC6382_01 Exploring Lilliput Farm

We were given some animal food suitable for all the animals in this farm. We were also instructed that we could feed all the animals by hand except the pigs. The pigs in the farm have long sharp teeth. So after the short briefing, we set off and started feeding the animals. We started with the geese. They were selfish since they did not want to share what I’ve given them. We soon saw eager donkeys wanting the food I provided them. At first I was scared to hand-feed them. I thought it would be painful in case they’ve bitten me accidentally. However, it was not painful after all. It was ticklish though! It was the same feeling for the sheeps, goats and some other animals. We had  to feed some animals by throwing the food, which to me was boring and tiring. The cows were hard to feed because they were lazy to walk near the fence._DSC6403 Exploring Lilliput Farm

I really had fun and enjoyed feeding the animals a lot! Before we left, we washed our hands but the water was so cold! We thanked the owners for the great opportunity and I also wrote very good comments in their guest book.


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