A Day in Rotorua (Part 2)

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

At Skyline Rotorua Luge, we got ready with excitement on what to come. We entered the cable car from the ticket counter. The cable car brought us up the mountain top where all the luge rides would start.

DSC_1025 A Day in Rotorua (Part 2)

On top of the mountain, we wore helmets for safety precautions and got ready for our first drive. For starters, we tried the easiest route called the scenic route. But I thought they were being sarcastic because there were not even a single beautiful sight to be seen. However, I enjoyed it very much even though I suffered a crash at one of the curves as I drove my luge swiftly.

When I drove down with mommy, I was too familiar with the track so I finished it quickly. As I couldn’t see mommy, I took the ride up on the chair lift by myself. I left my mom behind and silly me! Anyway the chair lifter allowed me to do so._DSC6228 A Day in Rotorua (Part 2)_DSC6217 A Day in Rotorua (Part 2)

All in all, we had 10 rides. My day used 3, my mom used 2 and enjoyed the remaining 5 rides! As the last ride came to an end, I tried to make the best record of my luge lap times. It was almost a disaster! Along the advance track, I accidentally hit a woman who drove so slowly and I got off the track. The water from the wet grass splashed all over my face. Luckily, I steered to the right a few meters away from a bridge which would ruin the whole trip and send me to the hospital.

Before leaving, we ate our lunch at Food Market Kitchen. We had a bird’s eye view of Rotorua and it’s Lake Rotorua. I had extremely fun experience and I think my parents too! We took again the cable car and went down to continue for our next activity._DSC6215 A Day in Rotorua (Part 2)


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