A Day in Rotorua (Part 3)

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

The next activity was quite boring. Well, of course after the super exciting luge activity. So I started to complain! However, I had to go with the flow. All of a sudden, mommy looked at me angrily for my act. I started crying but I forced myself to calm down later on. Still, tears near my eyes were quite obvious as we took our pictures by the Rotorua Museum.

A Day in Rotorua (Part 3)

_DSC6271 A Day in Rotorua (Part 3)

Due to the time limitations, we were not able to have a peek of Rotorua’s History. We were still able to do one more unique activity which was not on our list, tough. We visited the Sulfur Point. I was embarrassed and shocked I was almost hit by a car while I walked on the middle of the road. At Sulfur Point, where we could see a part of Rotorua Lake and some thermal plants. It was like a short trek trip. It was a bit of adventurous since we faced the unexpected. We also passed by winter trees and plants. There was still a lot of nature alive even near thermal plants._DSC6274 A Day in Rotorua (Part 3)

I guess our trek was successful since we ended up at a place which was familiar. We headed back to our car and drove towards Taupo. Luckily, it was not misty that time.

We bought our dinner when we arrived at Taupo and had a happy dinner. Before we ended our colourful day, we watched few television shows.


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