Our Last Day in Taupo (Part 1)

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

Although it was our last day here, we planned to do few more activities around Taupo. On the other hand, mommy had a serious headache which delayed everything. I felt very heartbroken since one of the activity was that we were going to have a game of minigolf again.

Eventually, after few hours of good rest, mommy got well and happy. Before going to my minigolf activity, we had our late breakfast at the coolest McDonald’s outlet I’ve ever seen. McDonald’s Taupo is quite unique because it has an aeroplane as part of the restaurant where kids and family can dine in. The aeroplane is a real DC-9 decommissioned plane, with dining seats installed in the passenger cabin. You can also get inside the cockpit.

DSC_1059 Our Last Day in Taupo (Part 1) DSC_1057 Our Last Day in Taupo (Part 1)

Right after our late breakfast but a fun-filled one, we set off and headed to the minigolf arena. It’s just 2 minutes drive from McDonald’s.

It was only a few kilometers away from our hotel, actually. When we arrived there, I paid the receptionist for one game from my travel allowance budget. At first, I completely failed. Despite that, I paid for another game and tried again. And that time, I got a lot of pars!DSC_1046 Our Last Day in Taupo (Part 1)

DSC_1045 Our Last Day in Taupo (Part 1)

I also improved by around twenty shots! I was very proud of my achievement that I thanked daddy profusely for teaching some tricks of the trade.

As we ate lunch, we decided on what to do next. Our decision was to go Craters of the Moon.


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