Our Last Day in Taupo (Part 2)

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

As afternoon began, we browsed for some things mommy wanted to buy at a homeware store called Briscoes. She wanted to buy new plates for her food photography. Eventually, she decided to buy instead at Wellington our last destination during this trip. Since I cant find my sunglasses which i think i lost them in Rotorua, so eventually, we bought a pair of sunglasses before leaving the place. We walked back to our car and headed to the outskirts of Taupo as we got ready for more than a hour around a thermal area called Craters of the Moon.

_DSC6311 Our Last Day in Taupo (Part 2)

According to Wikipedia, Craters of the Moon is part of the largest geothermal field in New Zealand. It lies in the Taupo Volcanic Zone. According to the guide, the main track loop is about 45 minutes walk and if you want to see the view of it at the upper lookout, you need to add extra 20 minutes’ walk.

_DSC6325 Our Last Day in Taupo (Part 2)

After paying a twenty dollar fee for family price, we set off and encountered many thermal vents. Some were muddy! Even though the ground is with hot steams, there still vegetation around the place but only mostly ferns and mosses. Which surprised me! Although we did not go by a detour which would lead us to a lookout area where we would see the whole of this exciting place, I still enjoyed this walk a lot.

_DSC6342_01 Our Last Day in Taupo (Part 2)

But, our trip was ending. We were quite sad since I would miss Taupo for their iconic locations. We had our dinner in our hotel and ended our day buy watching television programmes.


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