Our Trip to Napier

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

We woke up excitedly and sadly as we had our last breakfast in  Taupo. As we got ready for our drive to this city called Napier. I asked mommy for the plan. She said that first before heading to Napier we will go to Lilliput Farm which I plan to make a separate article for that, then we will check in to our hotel and explore some sites in the city area.

_DSC6382_01 Exploring Lilliput Farm

Napier is located in the eastern coast of North Island. It is the largest wool centre in Southern Hemisphere. It is also the largest producer of apples, pear and other stone fruits like plum, peaches, nectarine and apricots.

After our visit to the farm, we set off for our exciting journey. We encountered road works that slowed us down a lot. We also drove by plain fields, rolling hills, farms with cows and forests. Although I felt bored, we stopped over at a scenic lookout and saw a breathtaking waterfalls. Waipunga Falls is surrounded by mountains and lush forests. I was amazed by this spectacular sight.

_DSC6455 Our Trip to Napier _DSC6453 Our Trip to Napier _DSC6448 Our Trip to Napier _DSC6447 Our Trip to Napier

We also had another adventure after that. It seemed we were chasing a rainbow which was heading north. It was quite fun and beautiful. However the rainbow faded away after sometime and I felt sleepy! When we arrived at our hotel in Napier, we checked in.


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