Our Day in Napier

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

As we woke up to a beautiful and sunny morning, we got ready on what we were going to face on that exciting day. We got in our car, a Toyota Corolla and headed to a town called Havelock North, a twenty-minute drive from Napier and five-minute east from Hastings.

On the way, we saw a lot of vineyards and orchards which were closed. Some were fenced by tall bushes which were impossible to climb but some have spots where you could go in. But we were not exactly going to the city centre of this place, we were going through it which would lead us to a viewing point called Te Mata Peak. The Peak is part of of the land associated with the ancestry of Maoris.

We entered a very narrow road which could only fit one car as we drove along a steep cliff which could cost our life. That’s why the speed limit on this road is low. But we overcame the challenge and reached the peak safely.

We got off as daddy carried our heavy camera and looked for some good places to take pictures. We saw a bold teenager who tried to climb down the surrounding edge of the cliff. Luckily, he did not fall and died. But he was scared stiff. We also saw something which I thought a stray dog roaming around the rolling hills by its own. So, I just left it alone and continued exploring the stunning 360 view of Hawke’s Bay and the scenery before taking our last picture.

_DSC6522 Our Day in Napier _DSC6543 Our Day in Napier

For our lunch today, we would eat at a cafe called Jackson’s Cafe. We parked our car near the City Centre of the Havelock North. We had our light lunch and since I wanted to do business, I went to a restroom which I realised was high-tech because a voice recording was guiding me on how to use the toilet and there was classical music inside the cubicle.

After my fun business, we left the cafe. We were running out of bottled water so we dropped by Countdown to buy  water and at the same time, we also bought our food for our dinner. Countdown is a popular supermarket chain in New Zealand. Although I started to get bored, we finally continued exploring this wonderful place. We looked for vineyards to take some pictures. Daddy drove outside the city and after a short drive, we stopped by a quiet vineyard and apple orchard. As it was winter, the vineyards were all dried up but we still took some nice family photos.

_DSC6583 Our Day in Napier _DSC6606 Our Day in Napier

Then we drove to the city of Hastings. We drove directly to Hastings’ i-site and asked on what are the interesting things to see. They said there was an art gallery nearby. Since it was near to the i-site, we went and saw many magnificent arts. I admired the creativity of the artists and wished I was also like one of them.

As sunset was only a few hours away, we left the art gallery and took a look at some weird-looking Maori totem poles. While waiting at the park, I took a photo with a famous New Zealand general Sir Andrew Russel. He is an ordinary general who fought in WWI.

_DSC6602 Our Day in Napier

Unfortunately, I was so sleepy that I fell asleep without knowing until we arrived at Cape Kidnappers. It was the headland of Hawke’s Bay which interested us to visit. However, we were not permitted to go further beacuse we needed to pass through a caravan camp. We left the area to look for a place where we could view Cape Kidnappers. We took a pictures of a stretch of a shoreline where we could partly see the headland. They were wonderful though. While my mom and dad were taking their couple shot, I had a funny idea to photo bomb their photo.

_DSC6662 Our Day in Napier

It was getting cold and dark but before leaving the place, I fed some hungry ducks. I left the place tired but happy.

At our hotel, while mommy was cooking, my Dad and I played some of the board games available. When dinner was ready, in the dining room, I noticed a unique music equipment which my dad told me was called turn table. I played Mozart and the Sound of Music in that turn table. It felt great, like I was going back in time.

Napier  DSC_1141 copy Napier DSC_1139 copy


2 thoughts on “Our Day in Napier

  1. Hi Albert!
    Was reading your Napier entries last week. We made a last minute decision to go visit Napier. Everything was booked out so we ended up camping. And your entry on the Ahuriri Estuary helped me choose our campground. Our stay at Westshore Holiday Park turned out to be really great. It was close to the estuary. We walked for an hour one evening. What a nice place to catch the sunset.

    Hope you could visit again in the summer, we could all go to Splash Planet in Hastings.


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