Our Second Day in Napier

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

As a new, bright morning began, we did not really know what to do since we thought we already visited all the interesting places in Napier. However we realized that there were two national parks which we deduced were nearby.

To our dismay, the receptionist told us that both of them would need a long drive. We were a bit lazy to drive farther.  So, we decided that we should just visit a nearby reserve called Ahuriri Estuary. It is a long and narrow estuary with some birds flying around it. It is used by migratory birds as a feeding and resting area. Although we did not want to walk far from our car park because of the bone-chilling wind, I still tried to feed the birds there. But sadly, they did not want to be fed and were just flying around the place, so, I just left them alone.

_DSC6682 Our Second Day in Napier

Mommy promised before we left the hotel that I could play mini golf again! But this time, it would be a mini competition against my Dad. At first, I thought I was winning. But, as we reached the halfway point, daddy caught up with me. However, I did not give up and did my very best in the next 9 holes and reached the top spot!

After our fun game, we went for lunch at a cafe and headed back to our car. We decided to have a look around since we did not need to do anything else based on our itinerary. After a five-minute drive out of the city, we found a good place to take pictures which was covered with a good combination of red, orange and yellow of dead trees. I also heard a dog barking at me.

_DSC6705 Our Second Day in Napier_DSC6702 Our Second Day in Napier

Before ending our day, we went to a park called Anderson Park. Before starting my business feeding the ducks, I gave some of my bread to mommy for her to experience the opportunity. Unfortunately, the ducks and swans were very aggressive. My mom got scared and threw all her bread and ran to the car to hide. I was brave enough to feed them but they couldn’t control themselves most of the time. My dad decided to move to the other side of the park where ducks were calmer. After finishing all my bread and entertaining the ducks for a while, we went back to our hotel.DSC_1220 Our Second Day in Napier

_DSC6733 Our Second Day in Napier

At the hotel, I played table soccer with a little boy. He was not so good so I tried to be patient to teach him. While we were playing his parents and my parents were talking about their life in New Zealand.


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