Our Last and Final Stopover (Day 1 at Wellington)

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

As my Mom and Dad checked in, I asked the other receptionist as there were two at the moment. I was eager to know more about the FIFA U-20 World Cup as we planned to watch it during our stay here in Wellington. I wanted to reconfirm what we saw from the internet about the match that would take place in the Wellington Regional Stadium (also known as WestPac Stadium).

I asked her also how we could book tickets while Mom and Dad were busy unloading our all luggages in our car. After helping me as much as possible, I thanked her for the great service. I told mommy about the prices for the seats and a few ways to reserve the seats as we went up towards to our room.

When we arrived at our room we saw the beautiful bay of Wellington Harbour. While I was exploring the room my Dad took pictures of the sunset. My bedroom was separated from my mom and dad’s bedroom. Actually it was just separated with the bathroom in between so we were still inside in one room. I felt unfair because the television was only in my mom’s and dad’s room. The balcony was huge because it was shared by all the guest in the whole level.

_DSC6834 Leaving Napier

As sunset came to an end, we left the hotel to look for a good place to have dinner. Unfornutely, our dinner was at the far end of the street. Even though the walk was a long distance, the dinner was delicious. I even forgot about the walk!

As the day ended, we did our bathroom routines and I watched a rugby match.


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