The Second Day in Wellington (Part 1)

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

As our last days in New Zealand begin, we woke up to a good start with the beautiful view of the harbour! Our itinerary for the day was: (1) we would go and have a breakfast at a Farmer’s Market, (2) go to Wellington’s i-site centre to buy our FIFA tickets; (3) take the Wellington Cable Car which is actually a funicular railway up to the Wellington Botanical Gardens; (4) watch an exciting football match; and lastly (5) visit mommy’s friend.

After doing our usual routine, we left our hotel and walked to the Farmer’s Market which was by the busy Wellington Harbour. My mom gave me $10 for me to choose and buy my own breakfast from the stalls. I bought two types of croissant from two different stalls. After eating my breakfast, I roamed around and saw some performers around. My mom also checked the fruits and vegetables that were unusual to her and took photos of it.

DSC_1283 copy

Once our explorations around were done, we went back to get our car. Getting a parking space in Wellington was total chaos since there was no parking space available near the i-site. We had no choice but to park the car further from our destination.

The walk was about 15 minutes to the i-site. When we arrived and opened the door a statue of an Orc surprised us all! After the scary moment, we asked the tour guide there if they were selling the tickets for the football. Sad to say they weren’t! I was disappointed and wanted to go directly to the Stadium as instructed by the guide before going to Botanical Garden. I was so upset and not in the mood to go to our next destination.

As I acted as a navigator during this trip, I did my job again on the busy streets of Wellington. I experienced how busy this city could be. As I’m a good at it,  we soon saw a logo of the cable car, we turned left and entered a dark alley and arrived at the ticketing office of the cable car. While mommy was getting  tickets, my dad and I hurried to buy water for us.

At the tram platform, we boarded a tram which started running a few minutes later. On a hill at the end of the track, we alighted and started exploring. As I checked the map of the area, Mommy told us that we would walk to specific points only. At the back of my mind,  I was still thinking about the FIFA tickets. I was worried that I might not able to watch the match! But I convinced myself to move forward and suddenly felt excitement on what to come. As we walked downhill and uphill, my mom allowed me to climb a tree like some of the other kids. She told me when she was young she could climb a tree very fast. So after my climbing tree experience, we continued our walk towards the Children’s Play area. My parents let me again to play for a while. Then we continued towards the Treehouse and Lady Bee. After this two points we went back to the cable car.

_DSC6873 copy


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