Day before leaving Wellington

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

Before we slept last night, we went to the Mt. Victoria Peak to see Wellington at night. However, Mommy said the view was not that nice because it was already very dark and it was so cold and windy. So we decided to go today after doing our usual routines and having our breakfast at Hotel’s Restaurant.

_DSC6974 Day before leaving Wellington

In fact, mommy was right! We were able to take nicer pictures with the better view and it wasn’t that chilling cold anymore.

_DSC7004 Day before leaving Wellington

For today’s itinerary, first we would be returning our car . Then we would spend lunch at the busy Cuba Street. This is near we parked our car the day we bought our tickets for FIFA. Then we would be spending the rest of the day at Te Papa Museum.

_DSC7020 Day before leaving Wellington

As we were retuning our car, which was sad, we had a small problem as we could not find the car rental building. At first, we drove through a town but found no sign of their building. We all wondered because we were just following the GPS instructions. We decided to go to a parking lot where the other car rental companies were located except ours. There was no sign of our car company’s logo. So, we decided to contact the company. The staff was really nice, she asked one of her other staff to fetch us from where we were.

After all this confusion and a short wait, a man came in company’s uniform and drove the car to where they really were. After signing all the forms and documents, we were given a lift to the Te Papa Museum by the same staff. The drive was quite short and we reached in no time. Outside the museum, I was amazed with a sight of an airplane with its cockpit only. We queued and went inside the cockpit. After spending sometime, we had lunch and got ready to explore Te Papa Museum!

At the counter we had to leave our bags and jackets. We went in the exhibit called the Memories of the Gallapoli War. The first wax statue was in lying position and was pointing his pistol at someone. The second was a doctor helping one of the wounded. I felt sorry for the dead soldier. The third was a soldier eating his meal. It was small can with mushy food inside. I felt sorry for their food supply lines during that time. The forth person was a machine gunner firing at the enemy troops approaching. I realized bravery is important when being a soldier. The last person I saw is a nurse crying when she realized her friends were dead during the war. I felt sorry for her.


Before we left the exhibit. I wrote a good memory and left the exhibit in sorrow. Then we moved to another exhibit and spent sometime there.

It was almost dark when we left the museum. We bought our dinner at the New World supermarket and had our dinner in our hotel overlooking the beautiful view of Wellington Harbour.

_DSC6849 Leaving Napier


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