Third Last Day in New Zealand

Travelling period: June 2015, I was 10 years old

As a new day began, I woke up in happiness as we got ready to have breakfast at the hotel’s 101 Restaurant. After completing our usual routines, we left our room and headed to the restaurant which was just a few levels below our room.

After eating our great breakfast, I asked about the itinerary for the day. Mommy told me that we would be going to Hutt Valley to explore some hot spots where a few scenes of the Lord of the Rings was filmed, and the fun part was, I would be going to have a go-kart driving experience. We would first visit this place where Rivendell was shot. But, before all this, while driving on the highway, we saw a very peaceful lake with a few ducks around. We stopped to take some pictures so we at least have some memories captured.

_DSC6931Third Last Day in New Zealand

At the Hutt Valley, we drove to their i-site centre. Inside the i-site, there was a photo and video exhibit of the 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic. Their exhibit gallery was quite amusing, stunning and some are devastating! The gallery showcased Afghanistan refugees and nature.

Once ready, we left i-site and drove through a narrow road and parked near a bridge that was barricaded. At first, we thought it was closed. But, when we asked a man if the place was open for visitors, he said it was so we went through the barricade in relief. However, when we arrived at the location, we just saw a sheltered wall. So we just used our imagination to picture the Rivendell where the elves lived. Mommy told us that “maybe” they destroyed the other buildings that they built there for environmental reasons. So, with that surprising event, we sadly took a few pictures by the forest. But we were also able to see some things in this place. We went to the river to play with the ducks and practice throwing of stones on a river. We continued our walk to a foot bridge. At first it was scary because the bridge was just hanging so any movements would make it shake. It was quite fun though!

_DSC6937 Third Last Day in New Zealand _DSC6939 Third Last Day in New Zealand

Before lunch, we drove to the Go Kart. However when we arrived it was closed! So, we left in sadness. Back to the Hutt Valley town, we were feeling hungry. So, we had a casual lunch at a cafe before we continued our journey. We also explored some of the shops before leaving the town .

We continued our drive to Great River Anduin. When we arrived, I found the place boring, there was not really anything, just a river! However we could not afford to  waste time as it was going to rain. Daddy snapped some photos and we left.

_DSC6957 Third Last Day in New Zealand _DSC6958 Third Last Day in New Zealand

We had a stopover at a park called Avalon Park. I played with a little kid (I guess he was about 4 years old) all around the playground. It was a lot of fun. Especially the flying fox. To try this, first you need to jump onto the seat and you will enjoy the ride along the zipline.

As it was sunset, we headed to our last hotspot in Petone. It was a water fountain which provides artisan water. It is called Puna Wai Ora (Spring of Life). When we arrived, some locals were already refilling their bottles. We refilled our empty water bottles. While still there, we were really curious to taste the water immediately. It tasted delicious. It had a different taste from normal water or even bottled spring water. We took lots of it and left. How I wish our water in Singapore tasted like that.

_DSC6960 Third Last Day in New Zealand

After eating dinner at Domino’s my favorite pizza. We went back to our hotel.


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