The Riddle That Never Was (Book Report)

The Riddle That Never Was
Author : Enid Blyton

AMAZON The Riddle That Never Was

Main characters:
Uncle Bob- A private detective
Nick- nephew of Uncle Bob
Mike- a friend of Nick
Penelope (called as Penny) – sister of Mike
Katie- sister of Nick
Hassan- Treasure hunter
Harry- Founder of Egyptian treasures

Uncle Bob was a private detective, and riddles or problem solving was his favourite thing to do. Whenever he went to Nick’s house, he would sometimes get depressed or bored and for this visit, it happened. Feeling pitiful, Mike and Nick invented a riddle for him. A first, Uncle Bob thought it was some type of schoolboy joke, which actually what it was. However, the riddle became real, courtesy of two bandits, Harry and Hassan!  Hassan, a treasure hunter, wanted to escape abroad with the Egyptian treasures found in an old, burnt, house on Skylark hill. The house was once owned by a wealthy man until it was burnt by a fire and a bold man successfully hid the treasures in the underground cellars of the house. Once Uncle Bob, Penelope, Katie, Nick and Mike recognized their faces, they told their account to the cops who were able to detain them (and with the help of logic) realized they were the culprits.

I think that people need proof before they can conclude that something is true.


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