The Riddle That Never Was (Book Review)

Uncle Bob’s job as a private detective was fun, creepy, and adventurous. He loved solving murder mysteries around town although it was scary. During his free time, he would solve riddles or do some problem solving to work his brain.

However, whenever he went to Nick’s house to stay occasionally, he would sometimes get depressed or bored as his brain was not working. And for his visit, he , well… became depressed.

So to make him busy and enthusiastic, Nick and Mike creates their own riddle for him. At the start, he knows it is some type of schoolboy joke. And when it seems everything is lost, the riddle bizarrely becomes true in the hands of two local bandits,  Harry and Hassan. It begins when Harry finds Egyptian treasures in a house which was once owned by an Egyptian wealthy man who lived there. It is located on Skylark Hill where Nick and Mike always do bird watching.

Hassan, a treasure hunter attempts to escape abroad with the treasures found by Harry. So, it’s up to the jubilant kids and Uncle Bob catch them! Would they be successful? You have to read the book to find out.

With illustrations by Patricia Ludlow, you can experience this book in a creepy and adventurous way with the pictures.


Title: The Riddle That Never Was
Author: Enid Blyton
Illustrator: Patricia Ludlow
For ages: 8-12

AMAZON The Riddle That Never Was


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