The two competitions

On Saturday and Monday, I took part in two swimming events that my swimming coach asked me to join. The first event was to swim 50 laps (2.5km) no matter what’s your position or timing. In the morning of this exciting event, I felt a bit nervous as I thought about the 50 laps! I thought I could not make it.” However, my parents advised me just to think of finishing it, which worked.DSC_0761 The two competitions

Just before the big moment. I relaxed so that I would have better performance. But we got confused as the guest-of-honor has not arrived yet and some staff members were shouting, “Go, go!” which was not said in the briefing. However with everyone leaving the starting platform, I went with the flow.

DSC_0767 The two competitions

I got my last rubber band

Jek arrived with Zen, his brother and friend Gareth when I was reaching the halfway point. And by then, although you might think I was exhausted, I was not! Which meant that my parents’ advise was true. And another reason to support it is I am a guy with high stamina bar in my swimming group.

Although I started slowing down in the final laps, I just continued in full flow like running 25 full times around the world, without stopping. As I smelt the sweet taste of victory, I slowed down to enjoy my last lap here as much as possible. Once I felt the touch on the platform, I got my last rubber band, I felt elated as this was one of my best achievement in Primary 4. My parents were also happy! I collected my medal and certificate. We waited for my friends and supported them with cheers as they were finishing their last laps. We took a great victory picture together just before we bid goodbye to each other.

In the second event, I had to take part in 4 competitions: 100m IM, 50m breaststroke, 200m freestyle relay and 50m freestyle. The location, Tampines Swimming Complex is just in front of my English tuition centre, British Council which surprised all of us because we never noticed that there’s a swimming pool. But, I remained serious, as we did our warm-up before the main competitions begun. Although nervous, I calmed myself down so I could have better performance.

My first competition, 100m IM was one of the first. So, I registered and waited in an orderly manner for both the big moment and the other participants. Unfortunately, there was a fault in the computer system. So we had to wait under the scorching hot sun for almost 10 minutes. Fortunately, it was handled and the race begun. Although I did my best, my butterfly was not able to cut it. So, I ended up last. With the next event far off, I decided to play with my swimming friends.DSC_0822 The two competitions DSC_0827 The two competitions

Just before the our next event, 200m freestyle relay, there was a lot of confusion because there was a difference between the system and our schedule. Hoping for good fortune, we followed our schedule which ended up totally wrong. However, our position in this competition was a bit better. We were third.

After the lunch break, my breaststroke event was nearing. So, I commenced the same procedure and launched myself in full power but ended up second last since I dived a short distance.

After waiting for 15 minutes, my final event, 50m freestyle was finally about to begin. With my energy full and my heart ready, we heard the horn and went in full speed. Although I slowed down halfway, I ended up 3rd! But I broke my record from 53s to 46s with difference of 7 seconds difference! With my parents elated, they allowed me to stay back and play with my friends for a while.

After having fun with the after-event- fun activities, I said goodbye to my friends and prepared myself to leave the complex. I was very happy about my new achievement.


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