Prize-Giving Day

A few weeks ago was my Prize-Giving Day. I was invited to this special event since I got best in Maths. I was overjoyed when I heard the news in class. I worked very hard to achieve this. I was actually not the only one who got the best in Maths in our level. My classmate, Vishva, also got the same reward as we got the same total in Math overall. Some of my friends also got other rewards. Such as Tianhang, who got best in Mother Tongue.

The ceremony took place on Thursday, 19th of November, 2 days after the last day of school. I was excited as the days became nearer and nearer. We also did a rehearsal on the last day of school, just to get a feel of the surroundings and a whole lot more._DSC8247 Prize-Giving Day

On the day itself, I dressed up smartly in my school uniform and after my Mom added gel in my hair, I said bye to them and walked to school. My parents would later see me in the school’s theater at 10.15 a.m. I met with Tianhang just I was about to leave. We walked together and talked to each other so that we could forget that we were nervous. As time went by, we arrived a school quite early and I chatted with my friends once we settled down in the ISH. We chatted with some of other the other winners before the teachers came to check the attendance. Although some people were late, I guess all of the P4 winners were there, luckily. We walked out of the ISH and towards our school’s theater. We were all as silent as a church hill mouse as we did not want to make the teachers have a bad impression about us. We all waited nervously for our turns to get up the stage, receive our reward, and walk out of the theater.

When it was my turn, I walked up the stage slowly and bravely and received my prize with pride and a smile. This whole process was successful and I didn’t make myself an embarrassment in front of the school._DSC8236 Prize-Giving Day

_DSC8237 Prize-Giving Day

My reward was a $20 voucher. Others received other amounts of rewards, such as those who got the best in progress achievement received $10. After admiring our prizes for a short while, we headed back to the ISH to wait for our parents. When our parents were dismissed from the ceremony after 2 music performances as a farewell, they fetched me from there after we took some photos with our Maths teacher.

For a short celebration, we rode the MRT to the train station, Somerset to have a special lunch in a restaurant called Lawry’s. I ordered soup as my appitizer, beef for my entrée and brownies for dessert. The restaurant and everything about it was great. The food was scrumptious and appetizing from 1st sight. I felt very full that I couldn’t finish my dessert as the entrée was delicious! However, with the approval from my understanding parents, they said it was optional to finish it. So, I took the chance although it was also quite tasty.

For a reward from my parents, they bought a Sony Tablet to my surprise after lunch as my old one has always mechanical faults and quite slow. Actually, I knew that a long time age and that was when I gave my thanks. Just before we went home, we went to Times Bookstore to buy books as recommended by my teachers. The second I got home, I grabbed it and just slammed into the charging plug. It was the best gift I ever had.

DSC_0803 Prize-Giving Day

Aside from Best in Maths, I also received these awards this year:
Model Pupil in School
Certificate of Appreciation for being part of UNISON
Certificate of Participation from Sony Creative Science



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