The Story of Doctor Dolittle (Book Report)

The Story of Doctor Dolittle
Author: Hugh Lofting

docto dolittle

Main Characters:
Doctor Dolittle- a failed doctor who turns into a successful animal doctor
His pets- The animals who help him talk in their own animal language
Monkeys of Africa- family members of Chee-Chee the monkey, one of Dolittle’s pets who seek aid from him as an unknown disease spreads to them.
King of the Jolliginki- A king which captured Dolittle and his pets twice but have escaped.
Pushmi- Pullyu- A very rare animal in this book, a cross between a gazelle and a unicorn, and has 2 heads!


Doctor Dolittle was at first a very rich doctor. However, with the number of the pets of his increasing, many people who live in his home town, Puddleby, which was by the marsh, hated having his pets as company. Even his sister, Sarah, did not regard them. So, Dolittle became poorer every day and soon he didn’t have sufficient money to pay his monthly bills and even regular things and needs in life. However, when it seemed everything was lost, one of his yearly customers came and advised him to be an animal doctor. When Polynesia, a parrot, overheard this conversation, she and his pets taught him all their languages and once he started his new job, all the animals heard about and sought his aid.

One day, some monkeys from Africa alerted Chee-Chee that an unknown disease was spreading among them. As a kind man, Dolittle left America with a few of his favourite pets. The second they arrived there after a storm which forced them to swim to shore, they were captured by the men of King Jolliginki and were imprisoned in a dungeon. However, after the gullible king had been tricked by Polynesia’s voice, they escaped and arrived at the land of monkeys. With the help of the other animal tribes after a few negotiations, the monkeys got well and had a feast and Dolittle was rewarded with the Pushmi-Pullyu. However, when Chee-Chee lost contact with the pack temporarily, they got captured by the king again. With the help of Polynesia’s tricks of the trade, they escaped again and after hypnotizing the prince, Prince Bumpo, they got a ship and left Africa without being stopped although they had to leave a few of their pets behind as this was their homeland.

They soon encountered pirates of the coast of Barbary and had a short chase. Luckily, with the help of the swallows, they lost them and stopped by an island to get water. However, the pirates saw their ship and raided the island. With their own efforts, they got to the pirate’s ship and got away with it. Although the pirates saw it, the other ship started sinking as they tried chasing them. After giving the captain of the gang, Ben Ali, known as the Barbary Dragon a piece of his mind, Dolittle let him and his gang go.

When they discovered a little boy in the decks of the ship, the boy asked the team to search for his uncle after being thrown into the sea by the treacherous pirates. With the help of Jip-Jip, the dog, they found the boy’s uncle and were rewarded by the mayor of the boy’s home town after tons of fun and celebration. They left a few days later. When they returned to Puddleby, most of Dolittle’s pets were surprised to see the Pushmi-Pullyu with him. To earn their living, they built their own carnival stall in a carnival featuring the rare animal.

Friends can help and guide you in times of trouble.


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