Kids’ Christmas Party

As Christmas was nearing, my mom and dad organized an everlasting party for my friends and I. It was held on 5th December 2015, a Saturday. I invited 7 friends who were named Shawn, Sean, Aquila, Keano, Tianhang, Di Chen and Akshit (my best friend). The other kids were all my classmates. It was from 5.30 p.m. to 8.00p.m., just after my French class in Novena. As Akshit was with his mom and dad in their restaurant near Farrer Park MRT, I arranged for us to meet in the MRT station. Instead of taking the train home, Akshit and one of their staff fetched me at Farrer Park MRT station, and we walked to his small lorry and had a 30 minute drive in his lorry.

_DSC8352 Kids' Christmas Party

When we reached our home, we hurried up so that I could attend to the other guests. Luckily, at that moment, only two guests, Tianhang and Shawn, were there. So we started the Xbox 360 and played the games as we waited for everyone to arrive.

_DSC8334 Kids' Christmas Party _DSC8336 Kids' Christmas Party

Our dinner was also very delicious with the tasty food my mom cooked all by herself as a good chef before we continued playing. There was pasta, chicken nuggets, s’mores cake, popcorn and much more…

_DSC8344 Kids' Christmas Party _DSC8351 Kids' Christmas Party _DSC8341 Kids' Christmas Party

When we finished our dinner, we had tons of fun as we played a different sports. Although we did not have enough time to play, we still enjoyed it. We even laughed when I, as an old man, in track and field, won against Keano as the fastest runner in class. However, no one played the computer as they were too engrossed with the Xbox.

As the party ended, my friends left one by one and we played soccer in the XBOX as the final sport of the day. As the final guest, Akshit and I played with our digital gadgets until his mom arrived at around 10.

_DSC8355 Kids' Christmas Party


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