Eve of Christmas

It was 24th December 2015, just a few more hours before Christmas! We were all excited. Daddy was only working half day as there would be only a party in his office and mommy was on day off! I started my day with a usual balanced breakfast after waking up and invited Akshit to play with me ‘til after lunch which was around 1pm when his parents called him. He and his mother were going to have Puja, a religious way to pray in Indian temples, before coming back at 5pm. I couldn’t wait to see him to enjoy and celebrate until midnight!

For that faithful night, I still couldn’t go to mass as I was still recovering from a minor surgery. Also, my aunt and uncle would also be coming that night before heading home to get ready to depart to Philippines from Changi Airport just a few minutes before Jesus’s birthday!

_DSC8368  Eve of Christmas_DSC8371 Eve of Christmas_DSC8374 Eve of Christmas

I waited for Akshit desperately but he did not come on time, although I was not sad. After my bath, my mom suggested that I ask Tianhang if he would like my idea to stay. However, he was also going to celebrate at his own house and only could play till 7pm. So, I took the chance to play with him and maximized the playing time until he left.

Just before starting our Christmas dinner, Akshit came out of nowhere and apologized to me and my parents for his late coming. After taking a few selfies and family photos, we ate the suckling pig my mom prepared. Akshit also loved the spaghetti that he requested for three servings of it!


Once both of us completed our meals, we checked the Google’s Santa Tracker, a real device in the internet which tracks where Santa is heading and his exact position! At first, I thought it was some kind of joke but had to see it for myself. We then just continued playing our gadgets after a short look at it.

12391065  Eve of Christmas

Finally, when a year’s waiting has finally finished, we all shouted Merry Christmas and checked where Santa is on the device. And, with Akshit even more astonished, he was in Singapore, my homeland. Weirdly, Akshit told me to close my eyes. With a little hesitation, I followed his instructions and when we came out of my parent’s bedroom, we each realized we had our own present from Santa! I was totally amazed that he was real and after this, we watched a movie for a short while until his mom came and once he was gone, I opened my gifts. For this year, I got a medical book (from my parents), pencils which I will bring to Vietnam (from Tita Karen),  FC Barcelona Jersey (Tito Walter and Tira Rez), a Science book and kit (from my friend Sean’s mom), Rubic’s cube (from friend Keano), a model car (from our neighbor), a bar of chocolate (from Akshit) and the best of all, a Star Wars book which was from Santa! Akshit also got a gift from Santa! The present was found near our door. I supposed that Santa could read my mind as that was what I wanted in my head! My parents were also astonished with that fact.

With the opening of my gifts finished, I brushed my teeth and after browsing the book for a short while, I slept happily at 1.30am. I was also excited to read both my medical and Star Wars books the next morning!



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