The Trek across Coney Island

Finally, after one huge day of fun and joy, Christmas Day ended and we thought that’s all we had. But just the following day, we had to trek a route in Coney Island which would absolutely be exhausting. We have to train for this if we want to survive an 18km trek through the hills in Sapa, in Vietnam, as we are going there in March, although the rugged route in Coney Island was only 4.8km! On that breezy day after Christmas, we woke up at 6am in shock as I didn’t wake up at such a time during the school break! With a small amount of food in our tummies, we set of to this exciting trek! (We were going to have our refreshing breakfast after the trek.)

We paid our fare to the cabbie which sent us to the entrance, a few hundred meters further and started the journey without the equipment at first.

DSC_1091 The Trek across Coney Island

Beautiful sunrise before starting our trek!

DSC_1080 The Trek across Coney Island

Once we crossed the footbridge that led us to the real entrance at the east, as there were two entrances. The other point of entry is at Lorong Halus (Lor Halus for short) near Pasir Ris. Our point is in Punggol, another peaceful township near our house in Sengkang. Without further ado, we extended our trekking sticks and started off on the unpaved path which would lead us to the other entrance that I just explained. Oh, and Lor Halus is also a light industrial area.

DSC_1112 The Trek across Coney IslandDSC_1113 The Trek across Coney Island

As we walked though briskly through the silent wood, my mom taught me the proper way to hold and walk with the walking sticks (it really takes time to practice the coordination! 🙂 ). Even though I liked my imperfect way more, I got used to it, and I was literally in joy with this walk around nature.

DSC_1097 The Trek across Coney Island

However, the signs warned of some fierce animals which we might meet… such as the wild boar, fearsome cows and stray dogs. They also showed us what to do when you encounter them. Fortunately, we were not bothered by any of this animals. We happened to see a few butterflies and birds along the way. My parents were also curious if the 2 large birds that we saw flying over the trees were geese!

DSC_1105 The Trek across Coney Island


Back at the other end of this park, we rested for a few minutes and I strolled back instead of walking with the sticks as I was already feeling like in fatigue! I felt I wanted to be carried around like the old times. However, I controlled myself from complaining which would get me in trouble with mommy. I felt the walk back was more relaxing as I did not carry anything and just enjoyed nature and the breeze of the morning. I assumed this route was 2 hours long excluding all the walking to the island and the cab ride. With the sweet taste of victory coming up my mind, I finished it up and praised myself for completing this nature-packed trek. We looked for a delicious and refreshing place to have breakfast after another short 900m. We were all proud of ourselves after finishing almost 7km of trekking. As I did not come with my parents for the 1st time, they told me that the place where they had their breakfast sold deep fried frozen food! Which was unhealthy to humans, so for that day, we each ate a hotdog sandwich and had our own drinks. And a little more of walking, though after commuting.


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