Our First Trek at MacRitchie

As the school holidays end for all the kids in Singapore, 2nd January 2016, a day after the New Year, my family and I were going to have the longest walk of our lives (so far) in the MacRitchie Reservoir nature trail. MacRitchie Reservoir is the first reservoir built in Singapore by the British during its occupation. Our plan was to walk through the forest in a rugged path which is the Treetop Route (light blue in the map), beginning with the other routes at the start of the nature trail. I was excited yet nervous because I was scared that one of us might collapse during the journey. Though there was a few interruptions during this exciting journey, everything else went fine. It’s just that we had to wake up at 5.30am! Which was the bad inconvenience when we had this type of plans.

DSC_0024 Our First Trek at MacRitchie


Trail-Our First Trek at MacRitchie

When we were dropped off by our cabbie near Saint Theresa’s Home at a minor entrance of the reservoir, we walked to the nearby the starting point of this long journey to start our training for the 18km trek in Sapa. We extended our trekking sticks and entered the nature trail with bravery and encouragement. We were determined to survive this without complaint.


The path was rugged, with steep slopes and dangerous if you don’t have proper gear. I stomped my feet and the pointed ends of my pair of trekking sticks that made both gear got so dirty. This made my mom disgusted! However, we just continued as it got cloudier without my knowing. As we neared Terap Hut which was a shelter, it started to drizzle, which my dad felt and then suddenly, heavy rain poured and I wailed, “It’s raining!” We were lucky to be near the hut and scrambled briskly in there and waited for the downpour to stop with other strangers.

It took some time, around 30 minutes, to wait for the rain to turn into a drizzle, and since we felt it was wise to turn back, we did so and continued looking out for animals. The heavy downpour made the trails muddy and some parts covered with puddles of water. Our walking sticks helped us to balance and avoid the mud. As we walked faster through the rain, which was fun, especially to my mum because it reminded her when she played in the rain with her siblings and friends. We had to walk through the rain since there was no shed around and the rain became as heavy as cats and dogs…again. Along our path way, I also saw 3 chickens at the exit.


I smelt the sweet taste of victory when we finally finished our walk as we left the trail in sweat, pure sweat and I was very happy did it! Overall, we walked 6km of rugged terrain and 1km of smooth terrain. I congratulated myself and we went to the café near the main entrance which was a kilometer away from the nature trail.


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