My Christmas & New Year Reflections (Year 2015)

My parents created a video to show me all the milestones I’ve reached for the last 10 years since my birth. But I won’t really talk about this wholesome video, rather, I’ll just express what I really feel from my heart.

When I was still a baby, I only knew how to laugh and cry. My mom said I began talking at a late age, around 3 years old! That was when I began to explore new things which I liked. Well, the only thing I actually liked when I still could neither walk nor talk was my parents. When I showed my big, wide-open eyes to them, they seemed to understand me. I also realized that I was very cute, which touched me. And when I started talking, I took its full potential by saying tons of things nineteen to the dozen.

When I started blasting my parents with thousands of words and ideas, I also loved trains, especially the TV series, Thomas and Friends. With many malls in Singapore as the must come place for shopping, we went to this famous toy store called ToysRus. The store had what I wanted so badly, the trains from the series itself, featuring most of my personally liked trains. And every time I came home from a mall or whenever my parents bought one of the toy trains part of the show, I would immediately open them as quickly as possible so that I could add the batteries to make it moving in its tracks. And in those old times, I would even sometimes complain to my parents not to keep or touch them. I would remarkably make stories about my trains moving along the tracks in random, which made me laugh at myself. And not to forget, the weirdest thing of all was that I’d leave my trains running through the night until the batteries inside the active machine drain and stop.

The second thing I liked in that era were animals. When I was still a toddler, I had a pet hamster called Tomy. However, he had an unfortunate death when, I suppose he fought another hamster and lost. However, after that incident, I never gave up on those fascinating species. Besides, I would always reply with a ‘yes’ if someone invited me to come with them to the zoo (only people I know.) My favorite animal is actually a dog, not a hamster. But, since my family can’t take that much responsibility in such a small house, we’d like to own one when we move to another house which is landed. To be more specific, the dog breed that I like is either the Beagle breed or the German Shepard breed. I really show feelings to them when they lose their owner or in other occurrences which are not good to them or any other species of animals.

As I grew older, I got interested in travelling, which led me to make my website, Albertsjorneys. I was always curious about other countries’ cultures and landmarks. I love to be in family photos with my parents when we go from popular landmark to landmark, seeing breathtaking views and interacting with people with different languages, looking at statues which make us go through time and many more. And at the end of each day, after exploring busy and bustling streets or the total opposite, I would learn at least something special as a family without a guide. Even the Philippines, my homeland is a very exciting place with many things to discover, like my grandmother’s house, and beyond. Moreover, the best thing I like there is playing with her dogs.

The third thing I started liking as I grew older was the movie series Star Wars with my high in interest in action and adventure. My favorite character in this exciting series is Luke Skywalker, a Jedi Master. My second favorite characters, as there are many, are the clone troopers, mostly Captain Rex, a clone commander and captain. For Luke, I like him as he is strong with the force and he can do acrobatic lightsaber and physical tricks to defeat the Dark Side and the Empire such as Darth Vader, Darth Sidious and the Stormtroopers. For the clones, I like them because they are brave and know hand-to-hand-combat which make them strong during the Clone Wars against the Separatists, led by Sith Lord Count Dooku.

I also love music as it relaxes my mind and keeps me productive at the correct times. My favorite music composer is Mozart. He created very exceptional music and plays them with precision and style. I had visited his houses in Vienna and in Salzburg. Salzburg was his birth place, which we were allowed to go inside to see life last time and the old times fascinated me, and of course, his music scriptures and instruments before he moved to Vienna, where he grew up. His home in Vienna was more modern with his daily living items kept in safe hands by the museum staff in the house and they were all genuine. I enjoyed exploring his two special houses as a popular artist. I like to be musician, so I play all the popular pieces of the famous composers. I also play the harmonica, a mouth organ, which I play in my school’s harmonica ensemble. And after a few years of hard playing, I was promoted to play the chord harmonica, a feature in our harmonica band.

I was also sometimes grumpy when I was young, and sometimes I still am now, but not as often as the old times. I’m in that state when my parents ask me to do something that I will only do over my dead body or when I wake up at the wrong side at the bed! When that happens, my fierce mum will always successfully tell me firmly to do it without question which I cooperate. It even sometimes causes chaos in the house! I even was once grumpy that I did not want to go to my kindergarten school to learn which was shown in the video! I was embarrassed to see myself crying in front of the screen. However, I control my feelings every time I see that dramatic photo. Nowadays, I just have to follow what my parents when they ask me to do something without complaint so that I would not need to go through the dramatic scene again and that will help for hastening things up.

Looks like that is all I have to say about this video! Hope you’ll all enjoy it and goodbye for now! Keep on checking my website for new posts, too.



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