Faith’s 1st birthday

Ten days after New Year ’s Day was a very special day for my mom’s friend’s daughter, Faith. She was born a year ago. Her birthday party was from 2pm to 5pm. The fun party took place at Ang Mo Kio, a huge town near Sengkang, our home township. Specifically, at a MacDonald’s branch nearby Ang Mo Kio Park.

After greeting my mom’s friends and getting myself into the pack of unknown kids, even though I knew some of the familiar faces, I ordered some fast, fatty food. I was also given a plastic crown which had my name on it so that others could identify me in no time. However, I was not interested to wear it most of the time, only when the Mac staff told me to, which led me to losing it later on, but did not make really any difference to my appearance.

As I enjoyed my tasty McChicken, my crunchy French fries and my cold Milo, I had to leave the food behind temporarily because the party games where beginning! So, we all assembled at the front of the room and once settled down, the main host, Raimy, introduced us to our 1st game. It is known as Charades, a popular party game play amongst many kids globally. The games rules are simple: someone puts a piece of paper with a word on it above the guesser’s head, and the team players must describe the word by acting which will help the main player guess the word correctly. If he or she gets it in a minute, the team earns their point. Once the number of available words in the organizer’s sleeves have gone empty, the team with the most number of points wins. When the adversaries started off with an unexpected turn as they failed to describe their straightforward word within one minute, this gave us the upper hand. And with sensible performing, my group of kids won!

Unfortunately, there were no more games and only the singing to the birthday girl and eating the cake.

Sometime later, the staff said we could proceed on by ourselves and cinched with my friends to play at their branch’s mini playground by our sight. The game we started playing from then on until the end of all this was called murder, a weird game my friend made. There were of course some rules, too. The most essential one was that there were three groups of people, a murderer, a cop and some civilians. The objective is for the murderer to kill both the cop and the civilians. The cop’s target is to kill the murderer whom he doesn’t know at the start of each round. Although I am neither a good cop nor murderer, I sometimes won the game but what was obvious was I was not the winner of the day because I won, for all I know, less than a number a number you can think of.

With the shining sun blazing, we left the fabulous and fun party at 4.30pm after probably 2 hours of playing had taken place.


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