The Trek at MacRitchie and Treetop Walk

As the first month got through its halfway point, we prepared for the next trek at the same location (MacRitchie Reservoir) but this time it was longer. The few weeks before, we also trekked there but had a very short time going through the forest due to a sudden rainfall. We hope that there would be no interruption for this 10km trek.

DSC_0076 The Trek at MacRitchie and Treetop Walk
We also had a friend of mom’s (Tita Beth) whom was going with us because she also wanted to be fit and productive for the morning. Though she arrived first at the entrance to the nature trail as I took time to wake up due to my grumpy morning mood, we had a fresh start at 7am and we all had no idea what to expect on what was to come, apart from what we knew on our first trek here, was that we would go by two huts called a Mandai and Terap Hut.

Once we zoomed past them in a faster motion than before under the shiny rays of the sun, we reached our first checkpoint which was nearby a golf course. This point is 2.9km away from another exit at a carpark called Venus.

We then walked slowly and carefully through a steep slope of two short hills, one down and up, respectively. Just before leaving the unpaved path, I nearly fell due to my clumsiness. Thanks to the proper handling of my sticks, I saved myself and the lives of my ten fingers and toes.

Once I handed over the walking sticks to my parents, I walked on the tar towards the next trail called The Petarang Trail.

After a few hundred meters, we arrived at Ranger’s Station which I guess was located at the peak of the hill as I also reckon it is a viewing station of the beautiful reservoir. Once my mom’s friend refilled her water bottle, we walked up a steep paved road for a 100 meters and waited in a long queue as the place we were going to enter was only allowing guests to at 8.30a.m. and we came early at 8.20a.m.

DSC_0078The Trek at MacRitchie and Treetop Walk
After 10 impatient minutes of waiting, we were allowed to enter the suspension bridge and saw breathtaking views of the horizon of the forest! They were very stunning! I was amazed and felt it was just at the right time to see it. It’s like I’m not in Singapore!

DSC_0083 (1)The Trek at MacRitchie and Treetop WalkDSC_0089 The Trek at MacRitchie and Treetop Walk

After taking a short selfie together, we left the suspension bridge and walked for about a hundred flights of steps! It was very tiring. However, in spite of that, we finally finished the walk and had to walk back which was the same excitement as the previous one, though there was not much excitement. Except the fact we saw an unknown compound of buildings which looked like a military base to me.

With the most tiring finish I ever had, I had my last step out of this nature trail and happen to saw a family of monkeys stealing food from the early birds who were going to start their weekly exercise. It included a family of three if I remember correctly. Despite the monkey’s attention, the mom stayed calm while her son who was about 7 years old shouted with me. I was shocked to see how intelligent they were as after getting their selfish share, they climbed up a tree to escape from their unsuspecting victims. After the witnesses and I saw it, none of us dared to eat at the place they were.

But, the funny part came when one of the curious and aggressive monkeys snatched a maid’s purse that made me laugh so hard. However, the community helped her out and scared the monkey away. She was lucky the monkey hadn’t climbed any tree around it as that would make it impossible to catch.

After that humorous scene, I learnt to secure my food properly.


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