Hachi: A Dog’s Tale


On 20/12/15, I watched this movie called Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. At first before watching it on our TV, I thought it would be as dull as ditchwater. However, it turned out to be very dramatic and emotional. I even cried at the ending part! You know it’s a bit weird but it was very sad.

The story began when one day, maybe not quite some time ago, a puppy which was sent from Japan awaited to be collected at a train platform. After some time wandering around the platform curiously after escaping his cage, the puppy found a man who tried to find the rightful owner, but failed to do so.  Though he knew it was not his, no one else came to look for it. The guy who sold the train tickets did not want to keep him either. He was left with no choice but to take him home.I felt very pitiful for the dog at that part. Although things started off pretty badly as the wife was not so fond of him, she soon realized that everyone in the town, particularly in his house, liked him. Especially the husband, the man who found him. That dog also came from a rare and special breed called Hachiko.

Everyday, as his daily routine, he would follow his master to the train station, leave when he boards the train and come back when the day ends as he loves him. I felt he would be very sad without him. On one unfortunate day, his master died. Which made him confused, as he could not understand human language. He was still convinced that his master would come back, and would wait outside the train station. When the family moved, the master’s daughter first took him but later released him as she could feel that he wanted to go to the train station. The dog found its way back to the station and waited for 9 years and remembered him at the last part before his death, which was the part that made me cry. The ending was very sad.


I realized that dogs are very loyal to people they know.


Chico, Layla and Forrest – Hachi
Richard Gere – Professor Parker Wilson
Joan Allen – Cate Wilson, his wife

Director: Lasse Hallström





2 thoughts on “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

  1. It was a very moving and touching movie. So much so, that I never finished the movie because I couldn’t stop crying. I had never, and I mean this, cried so hard in entire life and that’s hard to say for someone who is in her late 40’s. Great movie, but I will not attempt to watch it again.


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