School learning journey to Sengkang Floating Wetlands

As a new year goes on, and school continues as usual, I had a very short adventure on 1/26/16. On that exciting day, my class would be going to the Sengkang Floating Wetlands, a lake near our school. We were all eager as the minutes before that event came.

A few minutes before Math class ended, which is the first lesson of the day, we left our class to scurry back for our form class, 5-2, to prepare on what is yet to come. We hurried downstairs to the drop off point at level 1 to board our excursion bus in an orderly and quiet manner.

With the bus starting its engines, we wore our seatbelts and I started chatting with my friend who was seating next to me, Joshwa Tan, while the bus trip was ongoing towards our destination. I actually wanted to walk there as the distance was quite short. Soon, we arrived at the destination quickly. So, we alighted the bus and headed to a bridge which would finally lead to the Sengkang Riverside Park.


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With the cool breeze swooping through my body, I felt calm as we strolled briskly to the area where we would start exploring and doing our research on the differences between pond water and tap water and other learning concepts.

However, with some unbearable weather conditions coming up fast, we hurried to complete our pair work while a few other kids did research with our Science Teacher, Miss Sim.  Soon after, we had to delay our activities for a while as the drizzle poured. We all hoped the weather would not take a dismaying turn on us!

With the downpour just continued at a low rate, our teachers predicted that it would soon be raining cats and dogs with the pitch black clouds closing in. So our teachers told us that we would be spending the last three minutes in this open area as we spreaded out to collect our research from the respected areas.

Soon, the time has come and we sadly walked down the bridge to an enclosed shelter nearby to wait for the bus which would bring us back to our school.

Though an unfortunate turn of events just happened, I still at least had a relaxed morning despite the fact this learning journey was spoilt.


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