Daryl’s Birthday Party

With another week beginning, I had a special invitation from my Math buddy, Daryl. He invited me to his eleventh birthday party which was tons of fun. It took place at a Bungalow or Villa resort at Changi Village called NSRCC (National Service Resort and Country Club).

On the day itself, I had French tuition which was right before the appointed timing I promised I would come! So, we had a little struggle as the taxi stand at the shopping mall nearby was long. However, we arrived at our destination soon enough near the club’s playground and had my greetings to Daryl before splitting with Mom and Dad.

With only few kids whom have arrived at that moment, I joined in the game of the other early birds which was ‘catching’.

Soon, more of the invited guests arrived and to my astonishment, Di Chen, my classmate came! He was also one of the guests whom I invited to my Christmas Party in December, just before the year-end.

With many kids to entertain, Daryl took control of all of us and sent us back to the bungalow for an introduction to his parents who organized this hell of a great time party. Back there, Daryl made some arrangements with the other present parents whom decided to volunteer to help the crowd control for the next activity.

After being given the permission, all of us headed to the resort’s football caged field which is not really a real-life one as it differs in texture and type of ground.

Though I wore some weird jeans when I came to this special occasion, I still adapted to the surroundings with the non-recommended clothing I wore during that time.

More people came while we were in victory and had no choice but to join the losing team which made them rise from the ruble, though. However, to their dismay, we won the first football match. While… if I’m correct, is a tie and then an unforeseen lose. Although that was the team’s performance, I did quite well with the number of saves I performed, with of course, comes some assists. In soccer terms, it means supporting the scorer.

As the sun started fading away from the surroundings, we ended our games of soccer and headed back to Daryl’s booked chalet when we realized dinner was served.

For dinner, I ate shepherd’s pie with the rest of my school or classmates before getting prepared for the next activity.

Though Di Chen really wanted to play bowling, we couldn’t as the sun has stopped illuminating the area we were. So sadly, all we could do was play a few games of catching back at the playground.

We played in cloud nine as we all enjoyed ourselves doing what usual kids do during this time, play. But, the fun was interrupted with one of kids unintentionally pushing another kid down the ladder, luckily he was not injured although he was in pain. In disgust, that kid unfortunately didn’t apologize about his accidental mistake in spite knowing that it wasn’t his fault. Instead, he headed back to the bungalow for some private reason. But when he came back to join in, he seemed he had just wept. I actually also had a short fall when I landed on Di Chen’s leg joint when I attempted to jump from a short ladder. Even if I was ok, he was surely not because he nearly blew up in tantrums, which is the bombshell of this party for me and him.

With that, the time came for the birthday cake to take its place. Sadly, that would stop the fun, but it literally had not made us sad just yet after almost two hours.

After singing the birthday song to Daryl, the adult supervisors started giving out the two birthday cakes to all the guests yet a few of the fellow kids and I had no appetite after enjoying our games of ‘catching’ so, we decided to discuss of a plan to surprise Daryl with a type of scaring and appalling idea. So, we the discussion put into place, one of the young guests called Daryl to come up and tricked him that someone is calling him.

Eventually, he knew there was some kind of scare awaiting. However, with tons of pleading, he gave it his all and went into the bedroom, where he was jump scared by all of us whom made this plane a success, after his heart astonished with this enjoyable scene, we went back to the living room where my mom called me before we left together towards home after saying my thanks and ‘byes’ to the kids I have met.


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