Aquathlon Clinic at Sentosa

It was a special Saturday, 2/13/16. We were spending a half-day visit to the unique island, Sentosa! After having a usual lunch, we packed our things and hurried to our first stop, Tanjong Beach. It’s located at the shorelines of Sentosa, where I would have a one and a half hour swim with a trained coach for the briefing of a competition I’d take part next week. It was also going to be held at this breathtaking beach.20160213_160645

The event is called an Aquathlon. It is very special since it consists of both swimming and running. I was briefed that I would swim 150m in the deep waters and had to run an easy, but maybe tiring 1.5km.

I was gripped with excitement though we came late and to my surprise, there were very few kids who came for the briefing which was very strange. From what I’ve heard, there would be tons of kids who would be participating in this event. But only about ten kids came!

During the session we learnt how to do a correct Aquathlon turn and some useful tips on how we start and how we finish our swim. I also observed all the kids who were there and realized I had an advantage against most of them since my momentum is kind of tough for them to take. I was also kind of lucky I came to the organizer’s briefing for it is my first time participating in this event.

After the energetic class, the coach ended the session and I had a fast, good scrub before strolling with my parents to the tram stop to wait for a short ride to another fun activity though we were not briefed much about the running.



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