The Story of Doctor Dolittle (Book Review)

Doctor Dolittle works as a neighbourhood professional doctor who owns too many pets as he likes animals as a rich man! So, his regular customers soon stopped visiting him for medical advice as they are not very keen of keeping the pets as company as there was just too much. Soon, he went bankrupt since he could not pay the banks without any business. When he thought everything was lost, one of his final customers recommended him to be an animal doctor instead as he also knew a whole lot about animals, with the help of his pets to speak multiple animal languages, too. As a final gamble to live without poverty, he changed his destiny and realized that customer was right all along. However, when a circus crocodile comes to his aid, he decides to keep it as one of his own. Which… made the customers are worried that their pets would be eaten by him although the crocodile promised. So, the whole story started again. And just before they felt it was all over, with a huge amount of debt, and with only two pennies left, the monkeys of Africa call for his aid as an unknown disease spreads. However, still poor, their friendly neighbors provided them with the equipment they needed. So, they set of in an exciting and adventurous journey where they encounter friendly allies, mysterious animals and fearsome enemies, such as the king of Jollinginki, who chases them after successfully escaping his dungeons when they arrived there! Will they survive the epic adventure and be rich again? You would have to read the book. With this classical book written by a classical author, learn the fun and adventure you would have with your friends, or pets!



Book title: The story of Doctor Dolittle

Age group: 9 to 12

Book type: storybook

Printed location: England

Author: Hugh Lofting

docto dolittle


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